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Mindless Behavior members


Mindless Behavior is an American boy band who were trained for 2 years in singing and dancing before releasing a record.

Mindless Behavior members were in their early teens when they were put together in 2008 in Los Angeles.

In 2010, They were on "The Today Show" and performed their single, "My Girl" and on September 2011, the group released their debut album, entitled, #1 Girl which debuted at No.7 in Billboard 200 album chart.

Mindless Behavior already toured with Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Backstreet Boys and Janet Jackson's sole opening act for 2011 tour.

Mindless Behavior was also predicted as the future stars by This Must Be Pop. 

Get to know more about Mindless Behavior members: Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal.


Mindless Behavior Members Profiles


Mindless Behavior members - Prodigy


Leader, Lead/Main Vocalist, Main Dancer


Born: December 26

From: Philadelphia

He has a signature accessory which is his Teddy Bear chain.


Prodigy was the 3rd person to get into the group and was discovered on Youtube by their manager.


He has MB carved on the side of his head.

His favorite color is red.

Prodigy Loves scary movies

He is the oldest among the 4 Mindless Behavior members.


Prodigy got his name because of his ability to quickly master all new things related to dancing and playing music.


Mindless Behavior members - Princeton


Spokesperson, Vocalist


Born: April 21

From: Los Angeles

Princeton wears his hair in a curly afro and his glasses are his signature accessory.


Princeton was the 1st person to join Mindless Behavior and got selected by auditioning for the group.


He's the smart one in the group and he already started doing commercials for Nike, McDonalds as well as Skechers and appeared in music videos at the age of 4.


Princeton's favorite color is green.

He's the third oldest among the 4 Mindless Behavior members.

Mindless Behavior members - Ray Ray

Ray Ray

Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer


Born: January 6

From: Los Angeles

Ray Ray's tow braided pony-tails and his goggles are his signature accessories.


He was the last person to audition because he auditioned at midnight on Youtube.


He's the funny one in the group.

Ray Ray's favorite color is purple.


He lived down the street from Roc Royal but were never really friends.


He used to dance and crump with Tommy the Clown, he even went on tour with Tommy.


Ray Ray's the 2nd oldest among the 4 Mindless Behavior members.


Ray Ray's name came up under the ranks of famed Los Angeles battle dancer Tommy The Clown.

Mindless Behavior members - Roc Royal

Roc Royal

Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist


Born: July 23

From: Los Angeles

Roc Royal wears his hair in a pony-tail and his signature accessories are his hats.


He was one of the first people to audition and selected to join Mindless Behavior.


Roc Royal started rapping at the age of 8.


Roc's favorite color is black and he's the crazy guy in the group


He is the youngest among the 4 Mindless Behavior members.

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