“How to Rock” Tips by Cymphonique

How To Rock

Cymphonique, daughter of Percy Miller, is about to star in a comedy sitcom entitled, "How to Rock" based on Alloy Entertainment book series.

"How to Rock", a Nickelodeon sitcom is about Kacey, played by Cymphonique Miller, a popular teen whose reputation takes a nose dive after having braces and glasses but Kacey find a way to shine through music.  "How To Rock" TV series will begin airing on February 4, 2012. 

Here are some How To Rock tips from Cymphonique.

How To Rock

How To Rock Tips By Cymphonique

How to Rock the ugly holiday sweater that you grandmother bought you…

"Wear it with your favorite jeans and then offset the ugliness with a cute scarf." 

How to Rock a solo at your holiday concert…
"If you're nervous, just look at your friends [in the audience]. You won't feel so alone up there."

How to Rock an embarrassing pimple…
"If it's right between your eyes, cover it up with some nerd glasses. If it's on the side, draw a heart over it or disguise it with a stick-on rhinestone"

How to Rock the after math of an embarrassing fall…
"Laugh at yourself. If you don't show you're embarrassed, others can't embarrass you."

How to Rock getting caught with your crush under the mistletoe…
"Jokingly tell him you thought he was choking on the sparkling apple cider and you just had to give him mouth-to-mouth. Ha!"

So there Cymphonique fans! Don't forget to watch the pilot episode of How to Rock on February 4, 2012!!! Keep Rocking!


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source: www.Nick.com

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