Webkinz Pizza Palace Game Hints! LOOK HERE!

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  1. Shauna says:

    I did ur method but only got up to the end of level 9 becuase i could never pass :( but i am like addicted to that game and i hate how when you click someone and the other person just left with ur pizza it clicks on the person after that … ughh i hate it DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW TO FIX THAT???????????????

  2. k says:

    cant get past level 9. I do everything u say. Any other hints to help me pass it?

  3. kaities says:

    to number one , if you clicked something you shouldn\’t have , and you need to fix it , before it does happen , click the space bar , and then the cat , or whatever she is will stop what shes doing , so that stops the mistake , and i don\’t know how to get pass level nine either , its too hard , i just made an extra pizza .
    and for level three , above it says ^ \’ quarter , half , quarter \’ it does that twice , not once , so its quarter half quarter , quarter half ( then the bar is filled ) but theres still another quarter .

    hope it helped ;3

  4. me says:

    i did everything you said and only got to level 10. do you have anything else? cause if you do im up for it! since i play this all the time haha thanks

  5. ariii(: says:

    my record level is level 13 which is all 1/4 pizzas. my tips are to…

    upgrade both shoes. people say it doesn’t do anything but it helps soo much!
    upgrade the oven asap. it helps a lot as the levels continue and you need to make more and more full pizzas because it will go quicker.
    buy another pizza maker.
    buy another oven.
    buy another topping thing.
    continue buying/upgrading..

    ADD MEEE…I’M aklrox222 (: oohh yeahh i <3 webkinz and i'm 16..haha DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME (: LUVV YAA

  6. Webkinz Fan! says:

    Well, i have gotten higher than level 9 with a different method and i sware it works!!!!!

    Do the Intro Level (55 KK)
    New Shoes
    Upgrade Oven
    New Topper
    New Maker
    Best Shoes
    Upgrade Topper

    Hope this helps all you fans like me!!!!!

  7. Webkinz Fan! says:

    Ok….. i know that this only goes to level 7, but after that just go with your gut i guess HAHA! but honestly, it will really set you up for success

  8. helen says:

    well thats odd. i didn’t do any of that and i got to level 12

  9. do everthing except at level 9 get another topping make then at level0 then get pizza maker and urgrade! IT WORKS PEOPLE (WEBKNIZ LOVERS!!!)!!!

  10. zachary says:

    to get past level 9 do the following:

    don’t buy anything until AFTER level 4

    after level 4, upgrade the pizza oven.

    tip: if you have not made a mistake after level 4 the funds will be at 1105.

    after level 5, don’t buy anything

    tip: your funds shoud be at 715 after level 5 if you did what I said before.

    after level 6, buy another pizza topper. Your funds, after you buy the pizza topper should be 490.

    tip: the 4th pizza is a whole pizza which has zero toppings on level 6.

    after level 7, buy another oven.

    tip: your funds should be at 85 after you buy the oven.

    after level 8, upgrade the pizza maker and buy another one.

    tip: your funds should be at 5.

    after level 9, buy another topper and upgrade you shoes.

    tip: your funds should be at 80 before level 10.

    after level 10, upgrade a topper and buy the last pizza maker.

    tip: your funds should be at 5 before level 11.

    can’t get past level 11.
    hope this helps ya

  11. MOOCHIE says:

    I am 15 & I love webkinz , But i dont have to say dont make fun of me . Because i dont care what anyone thinks . Its fun & Suitable for all ages , So who caress. Its addictingg !

  12. Sammy says:

    I am also 16 and love webkinz, I think they have such fun games. And yes it is very addicting hahaha weird huh but oh well i love this game and it gets me lots of money i have like 30,000 kinzcash because all i do is play games

  13. Steffi says:

    i use a different method and i have gotten to level 13.

    play level 1. and when you have enough money buy:
    pizza maker
    pizza maker
    upgrade maker
    upgrade topper
    upgrade oven

    and that is as far as i have gotten, and i may have upgraded her shoes at 1 point.

  14. nora says:

    i love webkinz and im 11 im def gonna try dis cheat

  15. Shaniqua says:

    I <3 Webkinz. You all need to learn how to capitalize.

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